Felician and Ladywood Core Values

The Felician Sisters live their ministry guided by five core values, and Ladywood is committed to these same values:

Respect for Human Dignity

We practice the value of respect for human dignity by exhibiting our reverence for and commitment to promoting the dignity of all persons.

"Preserve among yourselves a unity, peace, love and kindness. Practice toward one another gentleness, understanding and cooperation."
– Blessed Mary Angela


We practice the value of compassion by exhibiting an empathetic consciousness towards others expressed in caring service.

"It is important that we are there for one another; bearing one another’s burdens."
– Blessed Mary Angela


We practice the value of transformation by having an open mind and heart, leading to continuous improvement of all involved in our ministry.

"Life is change. New life happens when we are open to being changed and transformed.”
- Blessed Mary Angela

Solidarity with the Poor

We practice the value of solidarity with the poor by ensuring the needs of the poor and vulnerable are met through advocacy and action.

Mother Angela gathered children...orphans and the elderly who seemed to be alone and neglected. She gained their confidence and discovered their life stories. The children received an education and the needy learned handicrafts.

Justice & Peace

We practice the value of justice and peace by forging right relationships, recreating a sustainable environment, promoting the common good… all in the pursuit of peace.

“A community spirit does not just happen of itself. It flows from people who share a common tradition and strive for a common goal outside themselves.”
– Blessed Mary Angela