Ladywood Parents in Partnership - "LPiP"

The purpose of the LPiP Council is to support the stated mission and Felician Core Values of the school on behalf of its parent members as follows: to provide an opportunity for parents, teachers and administration to work together for the welfare of the young ladies who attend Ladywood High School sponsoring school functions, in-school programs, social, fund raising and charity activities that will enhance the student’s educational and spiritual experience and foster a sense of community spirit. Here are some of the involvement opportunities offered through LPiP:

  • Homecoming 
  • Bonfire 
  • Father/Daughter Events 
  • Mother/Daughter Events
  • Hearts & Hands Ministry 
  • Dances 
  • Senior/Parent Liturgy 
  • Senior Graduation Events 
  • National Honor Society Induction 
  • Ring Day 
  • Teacher Luncheons 
  • Orientation 


***If you are interested in volunteering for any LPiP activities, please click on the individual activity pages to the left of this page.***

2017-2018 LPiP General Membership Meetings



 Our Executive Board Members are:

Please contact us at:
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