Requirements for Graduation

All students must carry a minimum of 7 credits per year. Graduation from Ladywood requires successful completion of at least 26 credits, which must include:

4.0 credits Theology
4.0 credits English
4.0 credits Mathematics
3.0 credits Social Science
3.0 credits Science
1.0 credit Health/Physical Education
1.0 credit Fine Arts (Music/Art/Drama)
1.0 credit Computer Technology
2.0 credits Foreign Language required
3.0 credits Additional Courses

 Further Information

  • In order to confirm your acceptance for an advanced placement course, students must have a 3.5 G.P.A. and/or permission from the administration.
    • They must also attend a mandatory meeting covering rules and commitments regarding advanced placement courses.
  • Ladywood full year courses require the completion of both semesters in order to receive full credit.
  • Ladywood semester courses require the completion of the semester itself for course credit.
  • Example of semester courses are: religion, psychology, environmental science, etc.
  • Full year courses are granted 1.0 credits.
  • Semester courses are granted 0.5 credits.
  • Classes are scheduled based on student request.
  • Online classes are offered upon student request. Students registered in these courses assume all associated responsibilities.