Why Ladywood?

Be Part of a Heritage 

For over 66 years, Ladywood has created well-rounded women in the Felician Franciscan tradition; preparing our students to be anything they want to be. 

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The future provides a variety of obstacles and challenges and Ladywood graduates could not be more prepared to tackle them. Our students are shaped to be leaders, whether in the boardroom, in their community, or on the field.

At Ladywood, we provide the education and pathway to help you reach your goals. We prepare our graduates for bright futures, with each graduating class receiving numerous academic-based scholarships.

Post-graduation, our students have attended outstanding colleges and universities, followed their dreams to the military and Peace Corps, and have gone on to pursue rewarding careers and enriched lives.

No matter where our graduates end up in life, they will forever be a part of our sisterhood.

An All-Girl Learning Environment

Girls and boys learn in different ways. In an all-girl environment, we address those differences fully. Studies have proven over and again that students in single-gender schools outperform co-ed students both in the classroom and on college entrance exams. At Ladywood, girls assume leadership roles that typically go to boys in a co-ed environment. This experience instills self-confidence they carry for life and develops the leadership skills that a university and the larger world will demand.

At Ladywood High School, we strive to educate students and help them develop into well-rounded women in the Felician-Franciscan tradition. We encourage students to participate in a variety of clubs and co-curricular activities, either academic, service, athletic, or social.

Schedule Your Shadow Day

Whether you're an 8th grader thinking about high school, a transfer student looking for another school or a 7th grader thinking ahead, scheduling a shadow day is an important step in the process.  Shadowing allows students the opportunity to learn more about the daily life an LHS student and see why it's a good fit!  Click here to register for your shadow day!  Questions?  Please call Colleen Scott, Admissions Manager at 743.544.1544 x 263 or email her at cscott@ladywood.org.

Learn more about Ladywood

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A Student Perspective

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